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Good sun protection is especially important for children, because children's skin cannot tolerate the sun's rays as well as adult skin: It is much thinner and produces little melanin for its own protection. Each sunburn and each unprotected time spent under the sun increase the risk of developing skin cancer later on.

It is very important to not expose your children to direct sunlight. Let them enjoy the outdoors and play in the shade, use additional sun screen and protect them with light clothing even in the shade. This way, playing in the garden and staying outdoors is sure to be a pleasure!

Our Free-standing awnings provide shade for the lawn, above the kiddie pool or sandbox. The high stability of the articulated or telescopic awning allows a free floating and safe projection without additional support. Cassette awnings also provide comfortable sun protection from a secure box. When retracted, the elegant and corrosion-resistant aluminium cassette effectively protects the fabric and mechanical parts against environmental factors such as precipitation, storms and dirt. Patio awnings are very sturdy and offer additional outdoor space, as they also provide protection against rain when sufficiently inclined and equipped with a waterproof fabric.With an additional privacy blind, you can protect your privacy and be protected from the wind and direct sunlight.

Protection for your children

Our awnings offers many advantages when compared to an umbrella

  • The space under the awning can be used to its full advantage – no umbrella stand that might turn into a fall hazard.
  • The awning provides shade over the entire width of your patio. Even larger areas can be perfectly shaded.
  • The awning also offers protection against rain due to water-repellent fabrics.
  • The awning also provides protection against the cool evenings. The radiating heat from the house façade and the floor is well retained.
  • The awning can be comfortably equipped with a motor drive.
  • The awning offers excellent glare protection so that you can enjoy the view outside even on very sunny days.
  • The glare effect is reduced under a dark awning fabric.
  • Dark awning fabrics tend to offer more protection than light ones.
  • UV light does not only come from above, but reflects in all directions – especially near the water. With additional side shading you can protect your children even better.
  • The awning provides a temperature balance – you can look forward to a pleasantly cool patio on hot days.

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